Value Voting Voter Education Platform

A get out the vote educational web app for Texas voters

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Role & Responsibilities

Product Design, Front-End Development

Project Background

Value Voting wanted to help heal Texas politics by giving advocacy groups the tools they need to activate the voters in their membership lists, in order to more effectively lobby government officials and enact real policy changes.

At the time that I joined the company, we were building software around the notion that if coalitions of advocacy groups were sharing their membership data with each other, they could demonstrate to politicians that they had significant numbers of voters ready to head to the polls during critical elections. Then, the targeted politicians would be more likely to listen to those groups.

As the Texas 2018 Primary Election drew near, we knew that we needed to get out the message to voters that they had tremendous power to help change the political landscape by voting strategically. (By strategic voting, we mean that a voter would vote in the opposing party's primary, in order to keep the most extremist candidates off the General Election ballot later in the year.)

We set out to build a site for Texans that would lay out the case for showing up to vote in the first place, with data that backs up the theory behind voting strategically. Voters would also have access to a wealth of valuable information that they'd usually have to comb through several websites to find, such as candidate websites, contact details for all of their elected officials, and much more.



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