OneSignal for Shopify App

A push notification plugin for shopper re-engagement in the Shopify App Marketplace

Card to edit settings for abandoned cart notifications in the OneSignal Shopify app

Role & Responsibilities

Product Design, Project Management, Front-End Development

Project Background

With a new app that can be set up in just a few minutes, OneSignal brings their incredibly popular push notification service to the eCommerce platform that powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify.

Shopify's built-in abandoned cart emails help store owners entice customers back to their stores to complete their purchase, and those emails are now being augmented by services like OneSignal that skip the inbox completely by delivering the reminders to customer's desktops.

When I joined OneSignal, the Product team had established product-market fit for a new, app-based integration with Shopify. I took the lead on the design and development of the Shopify app project, and our initial core feature set would focus on automated push notifications for abandoned cart recovery.

The company already had a code-based option available for integrating with the nearly any type of eCommerce site, though it required deep familiarity with technical terminology. Users of the existing dashboard were also presented with features that were either difficult to configure or did not apply within an eCommerce context.

With the new app, my focus was to create a standalone, eCommerce-focused dashboard with a streamlined setup flow and a no-code experience for store owners. It would launch with a small set of features initially, with room to expand and allow store owners to set up additional types of notifications, like updates to the status of a customer's order.

High-fidelity Figma prototypes of the setup flow and additional features were tested with existing Shopify store owners in moderated remote observation sessions. The store owners who went through the usability testing were both domestic and international, who had some or no experience using push notifications, OneSignal, or competitive apps.

Findings from the observation sessions allowed me to make course-corrections with the pieces of functionality that the store owners consistently overlooked or were stuck on. In particular, the section of a new notification form that lets the store owner see who the message will be sent to was often overlooked. Insights like these are why I love it when there's enough time to test out assumptions and designs with external folks.

I collaborated closely with a Senior Full-Stack Developer to create a project timeline that successfully demonstrated to leadership that we needed additional team members to help with the build effort. I created UX flows to identify constraints, questions, and connected systems to aid with development discussions around account creation, onboarding, and how store owners would return to the OneSignal dashboard.

Screenshot from the Figma desktop app showing multiple artboards of desktop screen designs

I remained hands-on with the project after the design phase, contributing graphics and content for product marketing and sales activities, leading twice-weekly standups with the engineers on the project, conducting new team member and executive walkthroughs of the design and UX, and contributing components and pages to the project's ReactJS codebase.


Pentrimmer Factory review of OneSignal for Shopify

The Shopify app has consistently received five-star ratings in the Shopify app marketplace, and on average, store owners can be up and running with the app in less than 5 minutes.

OneSignal for Shopify app marketplace listing