Hoot Interactive Redesign

Role & Responsibilities:

Brand redesign, launch redesigned pages using Wordpress

Project Background:

Hoot Interactive helps auto dealerships of all sizes to run cutting-edge online ad campaigns from their inventory that are personalized to individual shoppers, leading to increased website traffic, calls, emails, and in-person visits for the dealership.

As Hoot Interactive had grown its offerings and added innovative new features to their ad campaign platform, keeping marketing materials and their web presence looking consistent had become a struggle.

I set out to create a fresh, cohesive look and feel across all of Hoot Interactive’s digital and print marketing assets, starting with a new brand style guide and progressively updating all of their existing materials until finally launching a completely redesigned website.


  • I worked closely with the CEO to nail down some principles and aspirations for the Hoot Interactive brand, which I translated into an updated color palette and brand style guide that covers logo usage, illustrations, and typography.
  • Using Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and Microsoft Office, I redesigned all print and digital marketing materials to have a consistent application of the new brand style guide.
  • I created HTML and CSS prototypes of templates for different types of pages and content areas to help guide the creation of new Wordpress templates and layouts for the website.
  • I guided a third-party Wordpress developer in updating and migrating the site’s Wordpress theme and content to the new template’s look and feel. I then implemented bespoke and customized graphics throughout the site to further enhance the written content.


Screenshot of the Hoot Interactive website homepage