Home Depot Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer

Role & Responsibilities:

UI Design, Front End Development using LESS, jQuery, and Freemarker

Project Background:

The Home Depot is one of Bazaarvoice’s most innovative clients, and like my project with Victoria’s Secret, their product detail pages are constantly being measured and optimized. A revamp of the two Bazaarvoice solutions on their eCommerce product pages (Ratings & Reviews and Ask & Answer) had the makings of a great redesign project: extensive, high-fidelity mockups of nearly every feature crafted by the client’s agency, and a highly-engaged and friendly team on the client side.

There was one problem, though — their design mockups had been under review and in feedback rounds for so long, that there was only 4 weeks left to execute the entire project, from kickoff to final QA verification. A typical redesign project of a single Bazaarvoice solution can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks, as long as the project doesn’t involve heavy customization of the look-and-feel.


The project launched on schedule despite the compressed time frame. I wrote custom code for nearly every element within both the Customer Reviews and Customer Questions & Answers layouts and their accompanying submission forms.

This was the most significant and complex client project I undertook as a UI Designer at Bazaarvoice. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that nearly 5 years later, the design is still in use, and has been interacted with by millions of shoppers.