My friends call me Dez, and I just moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area from Austin, TX.

My career in the past few years has been focused on a mix of mostly front end development and some product design. I love using ReactJS for everything that I can, and I’m trying to learn new things all the time (most recently, Express, more Node.js, and writing better tests).

Because I’ve been focusing more on code than design this year, I am constantly suffering from technology overwhelm. There is so much to learn, and new things to try pop up daily. If you’re in the same boat, let’s chat!

I have too many hobbies 😅. Some that I’m actively pursuing are: learning my favorite songs on my electric guitar (I’m using Rocksmith 2014 for most of my learning - it’s great); making jewelry and other things out of resin; getting through my huge reading pile.

To see more of what I’ve been up to, follow me on Instagram.