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My summer reading list

Stack of five books

2600: The Hacker Quarterly

I wish there were more zines in bookstores! I’m interested in ethical hacking, information security, and making, and I listen to 2600’s podcast every week. Every time I pick up a new edition of the magazine, I’m reminded of how much I love zines as a format. No ads, focused content, portable…zines have it all.

The Elements of Typographic Style

This book has been technically hard for me to finish for a couple of reasons…it feels like whoever designed the book really doesn’t care too much for readers. The type is small, and the book is both long and narrow, making it hard to hold.

The reviews for this book promise that it will transform amateur typography to expert. I just wish that the actual reading experience didn’t amount to torture. But, I’m one who is willing to suffer for art.

Designing for Social Change

I want to better understand and support communities in need, so picking up this book is a no-brainer. It has plenty of photos and case studies in a size that’s comfortable to hold, so it promises to be an enjoyable read.

Microinteractions (re-read)

I loved this book the first time I read it, and you can tell because my copy is marked up with copious amounts of highlighting. This is such a smart, helpful, and to-the-point book that I’m really looking forward to reading it again.

The Creative Habit: Learn it and use it for life

I love hearing new perspectives on creativity and living a life that supports artistic growth. I’ve had this book since it came out, and I read part of it…and something pulled me away from it (probably another book), and so this is the summer that I finish it (!!).