I'm a Visual Designer, cat person and coffee enthusiast based in Austin, TX.

About Me

I'm a Visual Marketing Strategist (a fancy term for "Designer") at a small tech startup called Rivet in Austin, TX. I get to work on design projects that touch a lot of areas of the business, and sometimes I get to execute rather interesting ideas (I recently put together a campaign involving 3D-printed fortune cookies that was based on a dream a co-worker had). Most of the time, I'm working on our website, or putting together Powerpoint slides. Check out my work history on LinkedIn if you're curious.

I've been in Austin since 2009, having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area before that. There's a lot to love about Austin, though I miss the mild weather and walkability of SF. I'm a karaoke monster. I started teaching myself guitar towards the end of 2015, and that's become my primary hobby outside of work. I document my travels, hobbies and fun times with friends on Instagram.

My headshot was taken by the very talented Matt Charnitski of Matt Charnitski Photography.

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